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We are a leading networking solution provider that offers a wide range of wall cabinets, data cabinets, floor standing server cabinets, & many other cables along with installation services.

For over 10 years Fruity Cables Ltd has been providing customers throughout the UK and Europe with great value cables and networking products. Over 10,000 happy customers have ordered on our website and 100’s of other customers have a trade account for regular orders.

As well as providing 1000’s of off the shelf products from stock we are also able to provide custom made cables to suit your project, all made in the UK workshop.

We can also help with cable installations, product sourcing, quote beater, and same day deliveries.


Standard Cat6 Cables

Cat6a cables are used in Ethernet Networking at Speed up to 10GB with working performance of up to 500 MHz. Fruity cables ltd. offers high-quality Standard cat6 cables that contain 4 pairs of copper wire and use all the pairs for waving in order to obtain its high level of performance.

Cat5E Ethernet Cables

Cat5E Ethernet cables are one of the most common types of network cable for joining computers, modems, routers, switches and other wired capable devices. Our premium quality Cat5e cables adhere to the most powerful quality specifications and are made up of 100% pure bare copper wire to secure the most reliable performance.

Category 5e cable is also known as Enhanced Category 5 - designed to support full-duplex Fast Ethernet operation and Gigabit Ethernet. The main differences between CAT5 and CAT5e can be found in the specifications.

If you are installing an Ethernet network, you will require to decide on the what type of cable to use for the permanent connections between network devices. For copper-based, twisted-pair networks, the four types of cables that use today are Cat5, Cat5e, Cat6 and Cat6a. Cat5 is the oldest standard and Cat6a is the newest.


All four types of cables are assembled with four pairs of 22 to 24 AWG conductors, with each pair twisted using a different number of turns per meter, this decreases the interference from neighbouring pairs. 
An outer sheath of PVC for standard cables for plenum-rated cables covers all four conducting pairs. Cat6a cable is optionally accessible with a foil shield between the outer sheath and the inner conductors, which diminishes outside interference and improve network performance.



Cat6 Patch Cables Snagless

Get latest high-performing cat6 patch cables Snagless - invented using a Snagless boot which covers the RJ45 connector for better security at Fruity Cables Ltd. These high-quality cables can perform transmission speed up to 250MHz and work well with fast Ethernet, and 10-Gigabit Ethernet.

Custom Cat5e Cables

Custom cat5e cables are used to connect networks platform either to a computer, router, and switch for sharing data. These cables present especially high-speed Network performance and gigabit speeds of 250MHZ.

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